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  • Free assistance is provided for the admission and scholarship process by our experienced educational advisors.

  • Professional help in writing the statement of purpose, recommendation letter, CV, or Resume.

  • The entire process of applying to universities is taken care of.

  • Assist in getting an educational loan for your study in New Zealand.

  • Accommodation and job search are not your worry as we offer assistance in all areas.

  • Seamless VISA application and documentation process.

  • Job referrals to leading employers after your education through our wide network.

GoNewZealand is India's exclusive consulting company that focuses on New Zealand’s educational system. GoNewZealand seeks to offer a forum for open, easy counseling and procedural advice for aspiring Indian students. Don't keep worrying over your likelihood of getting into college or which school you should pick if you intend to pursue a bachelor's degree, MS, MBA, or even a Ph.D. GoNewZealand has the solutions to your queries, so keep calm and rely on us.

Ways GoNewZealand can be of assistance

Your goal of attending college in New Zealand might turn out to be true thanks to GoNewZealand. We assist you in selecting the ideal university or institution and walk you through the admission procedure. Our extensive services are personalized to meet your needs.

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Services offered by GoNewZealand

  • Building Detailed Profiles
  • Course Selection
  • Guiding you to the right university
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Recommendation letter
  • Resume
  • Filling out the Application forms
  • Close contact with the institution for follow-up
  • Guidance in obtaining an education loan
  • Student visa application
  • Assistance in travel and living arrangements

Building Detailed Profiles

Our experienced advisors will review the information in the profile. We learn about your objectives, ambitions, passions, educational background, co-curricular pursuits, internship, and employment history. We also help you create a portfolio that covers everything by pointing out any areas that require development. In this step, we also involve your family to assist them in comprehending your financial situation and other needs.

Free Premium Services
Free Premium Services

Course Selection

GoNewZealand’s skilled experts analyze your profile and assist you in selecting a course that is a perfect fit for you. A prosperous and fulfilling future is within your reach if you select the appropriate curriculum. Many programs are available, so it's critical to pick one that aligns with your interests and goals. So, we strive to bring the best course that can lead you to a better future.

As trusted New Zealand Education Experts, we stay updated with recent advances and frequently add them to our system. We ensure to bring you the right information, so only after thorough consulting will we bring you the universities and course details. We care about you and your career just as much as your loved ones do. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that you choose the ideal curriculum for you. We'll be there for you through the entire process to make sure you're happy with your decision and that you are making the right one. You won't be let down if you visit GoNewZealand; we guarantee it.

Guiding you to the right university

Once you choose the course that matches your profile, the next step is to find the right institution that offers you the same course. GoNewZealand can be of great assistance in narrowing down your options and selecting the right university or institution.

GoNewZealand's experts are qualified to assist you with passing the appropriate institution. The consultants would strive and bring the advantages and disadvantages of the universities to the table so that you will have a clear understanding of the course and university. Our experts will give you detailed information about the course schedule, the caliber of the instructors, your potential career paths, and more. We take your requirements seriously and will do everything we can to satisfy you. Our responsibility is to give you all the information you need to decide. In the end, we respect your decision.

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Statement of Purpose

The SOP or statement of the Purpose writing process will likely be the most challenging aspect of enrolling at any university. The SOP holds a great deal in your application process as it can help you win or lose over the admission officers. A compelling SOP can showcase your mindset, aspirations, and character. Universities will evaluate you based on the knowledge and skills written in the SOP with a strong justification for your choice of course. So, having a perfect SOP that can act as a turning point in your admissions process is ideal.

A few things that universities look out for

  • Why you chose this particular university or college
  • Why do you want to study this particular course
  • Your personal and professional background
  • Work experience over the years
  • What are your career goals after course completion

The admissions committee screens applications after careful consideration of the student’s motivation and clarity of ideas. Many candidates have come to us at GoNewZealand. As a result, we have the experience and understanding to ensure that your SOP is distinctive and brims with personality and charm. It is our duty to make certain that after examining your SOP, the admissions committee agrees that you are the best candidate for admission. Stop worrying, and allow us to assist you in creating a compelling and dynamic SOP.

Recommendation letter

After SOP, the second most important and challenging part of the admission process can be the LOR or Letter of Recommendation. LORs are letters describing your abilities, academic progress, and employee commitment from your professor and company.

New Zealand colleges are particular when it comes to LORs since they give your resume more authority. We at GoNewZealand are always here to assist you in creating an impressive LOR that will raise your reputation. An excellent LOR needs to be balanced and unfailing. A surplus of details might be detrimental and prevent your application from being accepted. It is crucial to sound credible, clear, and competent.

Your employers or professor would have a lot to convey about you but lack in putting them in words. Our experts come in place in such situations to lessen your burden and help you write a perfect LOR that has all their input. By engaging with GoNewZealand, you can be assured of our guidance, as it is always the best, and we ensure that all your requirements are met.

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A resume or curriculum vitae is yet another crucial document when applying since it accurately captures your personality and is more accurate. We ensure that your resume catches the admissions committee's attention within a single glance. We ensure that all your professional and personal characteristics are highlighted in the best possible way.

Filling out the Application forms

Students may struggle while completing applications. Even for adults, it is frightening as a small mistake can cost you your chance in a reputed university. Due to your inexperience, you could occasionally find the applications puzzling because they vary from program to program or even for every university. You may get assistance with applications from our professional team by just providing us with the necessary paperwork; the rest will be easy. Our responsibility is to ensure that your registration is completed accurately, with all required materials, and is submitted within the stipulated time. You can reach out to us so that we can help you in filling your application without any discrepancies.

Close contact with the institution for follow-up

After applying for the program, we follow up on it and respond to any inquiries the institution may have about the application. There is no exact or stipulated time frame for the universities to revert with an answer. However, they can contact you within a week to 6 weeks. In the interim, we monitor your application's progress and make sure it arrives at the department on schedule. We'll keep you informed of any new information from the institution.

Guidance in obtaining an education loan

Most parents and students may worry about their budgets. All parents and students should be mindful of budgeting and expenditure administration. It is common knowledge that living overseas is expensive. Students need to handle their housing, food, and transportation in addition to their tuition payments.

It's critical to budget for all potential costs and plans in advance. Scholarships are an option for students, but they are quite demanding. The majority of banks offer student loans, but they are subject to a number of eligibility requirements and interest rate caps.

Once you have reached out to us, you can be relaxed on loan and budgeting. GoNewZealand will assist you in finding funding for your education. Our qualified advisors will review your information, provide financial advice, and assist you with selecting a bank, completing the necessary paperwork, and obtaining a college loan.

Student visa application

The next significant obstacle is getting a visa. As the leading New Zealand consultancy, we take care of the tiresome process of obtaining a visa and ensure everything runs well. We also ensure that you provide all the necessary paperwork for submitting a visa application, such as a passport, tax filings, liquid assets, bank statements, and pay stubs. We help you prepare the data as needed by the universities.

Since the application process is quite hectic, we will come forward to share your burden and follow up closely on the application status. We are available to address any queries you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Assistance in travel and living arrangements

It is usually ideal for preparing for your trip in advance by booking your tickets and lodging. The price of the tickets can shoot to the rockets if you purchase at the nth hour. Finding affordable but comfortable lodging and nice yet inexpensive flights in the most efficient way might be difficult. At GoNewZealand d, we handle both the flight and lodging arrangements. We will look for the finest offers that fit your demands and budget.

GoNewZealand offers the best to you in the entire process. We are a one-stop solution for your dream education in New Zealand. We constantly work round the clock to provide the best services leading you to the right university and the perfect course of interest. We take care of all the necessities regarding accommodation and other related arrangements. You can be assured that your career dream will be fulfilled with GoNewZealand by your side.

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How much would it cost you to get counseling through GoNewZealand?

We offer free services to our students for the entire process of achieving their dream. Our primary concern is keeping the student’s dream alive; nothing else matters to us. You can reach out to us if you need any guidance in your college admission process or visa application.

What is the success rate of your visa application?

We have a 100% success rate of the visa application, as we have a group of experts who are well versed in the entire process and strive to achieve the best. Contact us for more details.

What are services that can be expected from GoNewzealand?

GoNewZealand offers the best counseling services, which help students identify their areas of interest and desired courses. Besides that, we streamline the universities and institutes that can match the selected course. Our services do not stop here; we help you in every stage of your admission process, from applying for college to travel and accommodation.

Does GoNewZealand have legitimate certification to represent the universities?

Yes, GoNewZealand has the license to represent the universities in NewZealand. So, we offer thorough and rightful information, and you can count on us.

Are the educational consultants trained in the field of application and admission process?

Yes, the group of experts we have are well-trained and experienced in the field, and they can offer you the best guidance you need for your admission. Our advisors have the certification for their field, so you can be assured that the information they provide is honest and solid. You can approach us at any time of the day to clarify your doubts.

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150+ Education Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

  • No Processing fee
  • Application fee waiver
  • €4000 Scholarship on admit
  • SOP & LOR Preparation
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Assistance

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