Cost of Living for Students in New Zealand

Highlights of Cost of Living for Students in New Zealand

  • The Living expenses for students start from 1,400 NZD per month.

  • Modest Living spaces range from 200-400 NZD per month.

  • Plenty of part-time job opportunities to meet your living expenses in New Zealand.

  • Economical Transportation charges, which range from 10-20 NZD per month.

  • The average health insurance starts at an average cost of 200 NZD per month.

Living expenses for Students in New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular study abroad destination for international students seeking a higher degree education. According to the 2021 statistics, over 100,000 students are enrolled in New Zealand universities to pursue higher education. With its flexible education system, New Zealand has study options to suit every budget. It has a similar Cost of living for a single person studying in New Zealand to other OECD (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries while promoting a high level of work/life balance. The living cost for International students in New Zealand per month to study will vary depending on your lifestyle and where you live in the country. Because of lower housing and transportation costs, living in a small town may be less expensive than living in a big city. However, the estimated cost of living in New Zealand while studying would be approximately 300 - 400 NZD per week, which varies based on the city you will be living in.

If you desire to study in New Zealand, then there are several things that you need to keep in mind, such as the cost of living and the cost of studying. Especially you should be aware of the money you will spend to live in New Zealand. Below is a table depicting the approximate Living expenses for Students in New Zealand.

Living Expenses for Students in New Zealand

Cost (Per month in NZD)

Rent 800 - 900 NZD
Transportation (A 5 km taxi ride) 10 - 12 NZD
Groceries/Food 100 - 150 NZD
Entertainment 10 - 14 NZD
Doctor Consultation 45 - 85 NZD
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Cost of Living
Cost of Living

Accommodation Costs for Students in New Zealand

Your accommodation will determine how much you have to pay for living expenses in New Zealand. However, as a student, you have a couple of options to choose from. Choosing On-Campus Accommodation Cost for studying in New Zealand would cost you a little less than other accommodations. Listed below is an overview of Accommodation Costs for Indian Students in New Zealand according to the type of accommodation you choose.

Type of Accommodation

Cost (in NZD)

Independent Living 215 NZD
Halls of Residence 300 - 400 NZD
Rented Apartments (For a group of 2 - 4 people) 200 NZD (Per person/ per week)
Local Homestays 110 = 370 NZD

Apart from that, your living expenses vary from the city you choose to live in. The Cost of living in Auckland to study might be a little higher compared to other cities. Below is a table depicting the Living expenses in New Zealand for Indian students at various locations across New Zealand:

Name of the City

Cost of Living (per month)

Dunedin 1,333 NZD
Christchurch 1,322 NZD
Auckland 1,490 NZD
Wellington 1,291 NZD
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Transportation Costs for Students in New Zealand

Aside from rent, the other monthly expense you will have in New Zealand is your travel. To your advantage, every city in New Zealand has an extensive public transportation system.

NZ transport services also offer smart cards to make it easier to commute by bus, train, ferry, and so on. You can also reduce your monthly expenses in New Zealand by using these smartcards, which provide a 25% discount. The Transportation Costs for International Students in New Zealand are broken down below for your convenience.

Mode of Transportation


Train 4 - 11.5 NZD
Bus 4 - 11.5 NZD
Ferry 4 - 7.73 NZD
Domestic Flights 50 - 70 NZD
Rental Cycle 1 NZD (per hour)
Taxi 3.3 NZD per kilometer

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Entertainment Costs for students in New Zealand

There are a variety of benefits to studying abroad, and one of them is the opportunity to explore different travel destinations. As a student, you are bound to hang out with your friends during your free time, which is why having some fun and entertainment is an important part of your student life. Therefore, calculate your entertainment charges to avoid missing out on anything. Visit casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, theatres, gaming, and racing tracks to experience New Zealand's vibrant, full-of-life entertainment scene. Just keep an eye on the numbers!

Given below is a table for the entertainment costs in New Zealand.



Gaming and Adventure 50 - 70 NZD
Movie Ticket 10 - 14 NZD
Gym 60 NZD (per month)
Live Concert 70 - 90 NZD

Other required essentials for students to study in New Zealand

Medical Insurance: The mandatory medical insurance charges slightly raise international students' living expenses in New Zealand. Before beginning their course, every Indian student must have medical insurance. In New Zealand, the average cost of Medical Insurance for Indian students studying in New Zealand ranges from 200 NZD to 700 NZD.

Shopping: It is impossibly hard to resist shopping. As a student, you should set aside a few dollars as average expenses in New Zealand for your shopping spree. You should allocate 200 - 300 NZD per month separately for shopping.

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What would be the living cost for students living in New Zealand?

Students need to keep aside a sum of 400 - 500 NZD per week as living expenses.

Is New Zealand expensive to live in?

The cost of living may vary from the place and type of accommodation you choose to live in.

What would be the cost of studying in New Zealand?

Tuition fees will typically range from 22,000 to 35,000 NZD or more, depending on your chosen course and university.

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